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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bahama Breeze

Monday, March 19th

On the guys day off, we had lunch at a Bahama Breeze somewhere in the Miami area. Anyway, it was one with outside seating. That was what we wanted as it was a gorgeous day [what's new!]. The outside area wouldn't be open until an hour or so but a waiter, Diego, said he would serve us.

Good meal, don't remember what the others had buy my entrée was a Grilled Salmon Tostada Salad. This consisted of a grilled tostada base with melted cheese on top of which was a pile of field greens on top of which was a nice slab of grilled salmon over which was a tangy lime dressing. It was delicious. That and two Amber Red ales and it was a fine day.

But then it got better! We shared two desserts: Dulce con Leche Cheesecake and a Banana, Banana, Banana concoction. This was banana nut bread, sliced bananas, [banana?] ice cream, caramel sauce, whipped cream and toasted almonds! Another day in paradise!

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