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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tribute Brunch

Just back from the Tribute Brunch at the Loew's this afternoon and then on to the American Express Tasting Tents. All of this is part of the South Beach Food and Wine Fest.

The brunch was a tribute to the Mondavi brothers and Martha Stewart. Details on other blog [].

My two favorite brunch dishes were:
Chef Allen Susser's Lobster Macaroni and Cheese with Calabaza, Tiny Wild Mushrooms, Tarragon and Reggiano Parmsan
Chefs Frank and Andrea Randazzo's Nova Scotia Smoked Salmon, Yukon Gold Potato and Chive Smashed Crispy Pancakes with American Caviar and Creme Fraiche
plated with
Citrus Poached Maine Lobster with Fresno Chiles, Toasted Brioche, Yuzo Tobiko and Basil Aioli
Chef Michael Bloise's Kumamoto Oysters with Mimosa Gelee were great also.
the French Toast Banana and Nutella Pudding topped it all off!
Lots of other great food, too much to mention.

The most innovative award goes to the Molecular Mimosas and Bloody Marys
The liquor was infused into individual blocks of jelly and rested on top of the glass which was partially filled with the liquid mix. A freeze dried orange or tomato slice held the jelly above the liquid. To 'drink' it you could either eat the slice and jelly and drink the liquid OR dissolve the jelly in the liquid. Fab/cool!

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