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Friday, November 03, 2006

the fire hydrant is gone

Ate at Chale Ipanema tonight. Haven't been back for months.

The fire hydrant that ended up imbedded in my car's back door is gone. The waitress said it was there last night and gone today. An orange cone marks its demise. I hope they don't replace it; it is a menace to society and all god-fearing gourmands.

A Mojito and two Brahma beers graced the table [and their company was enjoyed by all].

I had the Caldo Verde to start and the Feijoada to finish. What a meal the caldo was rich and thick [potatoes?] with lots of collard greens swimming around. The feifoada was the traditional serving of black beans and meat and smoked sausage. The condiments always amaze me: salsa, ground nuts, orange sections and a rich brown sauce. There was also a plate of rice and more collard greens.

The other entrees were Beefsteak with Three Sauces over Mashed Potatoes and a special of Mahimahi in a Wasabi Mango Sauce over Coconut Rice.

I had a Latte for dessert. The other desserts were Key LIme Pie and Coconut Creme Brulee.

Service was, as usual, fantastic but if one more cell phone went off I would have gone ballistic!

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