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Monday, August 28, 2006

Casino again...

Ate at Uncas Grille at Mohegan Sun again...

Ordered from the Appetizer section of the menu: Lobster Bisque [$5.95] and Fried Oysters [$9.95] and a small Pelligrino [$2.95]

Before the meal you are offered a cornucopia of mini-breads: Focaccia, Corn Muffins, Biscuits and a dish of Succotash. All very good.

The Lobster Bisque was rich and creamy with a reasonable amount of lobster shreds. The three fried oysters were each perched on a round of excellent spiced and toasted bread. Each was then topped with a portion of spaghetti squash which was a nice contrast of texture: soft to crunchy. The plate was then adorned with fried 'grass' of some sort and a pungent jelly. Very artistic plating.

Just enough food to pretend you were still on your diet!

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