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Monday, July 31, 2006

Indian Food [strip mall style]

Ambassador Restaurant in Glastonbury in a little hidden strip mall serves quite good Indian food.

Started with a basket of crispy bread with three toppings: a 'minty' one, a 'brown saucey' hot one and a 'let's chop up a lot of tomatoes and make them too hot to eat' one.

Lots of food but can only remember my Lamb Curry [ordered mild] with Basmati Rice. There was an order of Dal [stewed lentils], some Roti bread and Raita [yoghurt with cucumbers and onions].

Other entrée orders were Chicken a la something?, Lamb in Spinach and more Lamb Curry. And Kingfisher is a beer, I learned.

Since the four of us had two discount cards [and they accepted both by writing two checks], the meal turned out to be rather inexpensive. Story of my life...

blognotes: Evidently two of the waiters are not enamoured of each other. One waiter kept calling the other 'LazyBoy'!

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