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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Gastronomique Tour de France

Stage III of the Tour de France was celebrated at the Restaurant du Village in Chester, CT.

Bread? asked I to the hostess. [In French, no less!]. It's still in the oven, said she [In French, of course]. And it was worth the wait.

The Amuse Bouche was a plate of teeny yellow and red Tomato halves stuffed with Mousse.

First course: Jambon de Savoie Salade de Pommes et Frisée - Mountain ham served with a salad of apples and curly endive. They did not skimp on the ham which reminded me of a more lightly cured Jamon Ibérico. The flavors definitely played with each other. The wine was a Savoie White which had a bit of sparkle to it.

A Soufflé de Reblochon - Warm Reblochon cheese soufflé was the second course. These individual 'ramekined' babies were hot and light and full of flavor. This course was served with a White Wine from the Alpes.

One of the reasons we chose Stage III was that Roast Rack of Lamb with a wild mountain savory herb sauce - Carré d'Agneau a la Sarriete was the third course. This was served with Polenta and Baby Snap Peas. The savory herb sauce [we called it gravy] was sopped up with another basket or two of the bread. The wine for this was a Red [at last!] which was the same wine we lived on on our river cruiser down the Seine years back.

Dessert was a Gateau Grenoblois - Caramel Walnut Cake. Dense and full of flavor and floating in a pool of caramel served with a sparkling Rosé*. Coffees and a Cappuccino ended the meal.

blognotes: the service was impeccable as usual with the added attraction of a junior server being trained. We forgave him his few missteps as he was so young [and cute according to one member of our party].

*the rosé wine was a Bugey Cerdon from Alain Renardat-Fache in the Savoie region. It scores an 89 by the Wine Enthusiast magazine and has only a 7.5% alcohol level. As the review states, it is semi-addictive.

bloginfo: Restaurant du Village, Michael Keller Chef, 59 Main Street, Chester, CT 860.526.5301

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