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Friday, July 07, 2006

Factory food

Olive Garden is so successful that their restaurants appear almost overnight. The one opposite the WestFarms Mall in Farmington is a case in point.

Lunch for three started with a basket of complimentary Bread Sticks which were yeasty and dusted with a rather bitter garlic powder. These became part of one lunch of unlimited Bread Sticks, Soup [Pasta Fagiole] and Salad. The Salad was served family style so all were honored with its presence. This consisted of Iceberg Lettuce, Roma Tomatoes [good], Croutons and some other veggie fillers and a Hot Pepper or two. The Salad was already dressed in a light Oil and Vinegar [or some such] Dressing.

The two entrées were the same: Eggplant Parmiagana which were two cookie cutter rounds of eggplant topped with melted cheese. A side of Angel Hair Pasta and chunky Tomato Sauce accompanied the dish.

No winners here, no love, not much taste.

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