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Saturday, January 14, 2006

thanks for the gift card

Ate at Bertucci's on the Berlin Turnpike tonight with the BD's and thanks to their children, the SW's gift card made it was a very inexpensive meal.

Aside from the cost, it was an excellent meal too. After a 2o minute wait for a table; everyone is hungry over the weekends, we got a corner booth. On the way out, the wait for a table must have been at least an hour.

Kara was our server and she dealt with us quite well [three waters; two with lemon and one with lime!]. The Rolls there are great and very HOT and the dipping oil is spicy and garlicy [is that a word?].

JD and I each had a Side Salad; hers with Chianti Dressing and mine with Italian. BD had the Sausage Soup [always a favorite].

For the entrée BD had the Chicken Marsala with Pomodoro Sauce, Spinach and a side of Gemelli. JD and I both had the Rigatoni alla Norma with Grilled Eggplant.

We skipped dessert and didn't even turn in to Mortensen's for ice cream. Diet? No, just watch for tomorrow's blog and you will understand.

Norma was the winner but tied with the Chicken.

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