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Saturday, January 07, 2006

lobster this and lobster that

Saybrook FishHouse on the Silas Deane Highway is jumping these days. Went there for dinner tonight younger son, KF, and his SO, TJ.

Started with Lobster Fritters, a huge plate of huge fritters; good amount of lobster and a little salty [apricot sauce with a base of horseradish made for a good dip].

The usual good Salad family-style with the famous dressings: creamy garlic and champagne vinaigrette. The cherry tomatoes had seen better days.

KF had the Seafood Combo: Bluefish with a Vegetable Stuffing, Sea Scallops and some other fish [attentive aren't I] with a Seafood Stuffing. TJ had Fried Catfish with Brown Rice. I had the Swordfish stuffed with Lobster and a Bernaise Sauce over all. This came with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Steamed Zucchini [veg of the day].

KF had the Chocolate Mousse Cake [spelled 'moose' on the bill!] and we all shared the Fruit Basket.

The winners were anything with Lobster.

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