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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Soup's On!!!

And that's the name of the restaurant, too. Soup's On!!! is at 295B Ives Road in Wallingford near the Shaw's Plaza on Route 5. Telephone is (203) 269-3303.

BN, JC and I went there after the Y's Men meeting in Meriden. BN had one of the lunch specials [$7.99] of Roast Beef Sandwich Au Jus on a Grinder Roll. It came with a 20 oz soft drink and Sweet Potato Fries. Looked a little too well done for me but he said the meat was tender. The fries were good [I 'borrowed' one].

JC and I each had the Pulled Pork Sandwich on a Roll. This was a great choice. The pork was tender, sweet and had a good 'bite' to it. The roll was excellent. It had melted American Cheese on it and was garnished with a lettuce leaf and red cabbage which found their way into my sandwich.

I also ordered a cup of soup [Soup's On!!! - get the message]. There were several varieties and mine was Garbanzo and Three Sausage Soup [hot Italian, sweet Italian and chorizo]. The broth was tomato based with a green [kale?] and was very tasty. The soup came home with me for dinner as the sandwich was very filling. My order came to $8.96 with tax.

The winner was the Pulled Pork!

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