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Saturday, November 12, 2005

After the play, 'Retreat' to Bin228

And happily we did! Located at 228 Pearl Street in Hartford is the Bin228 Panini and Wine Bar. We went there after seeing "The Retreat from Moscow" at TheaterWorks. Great play!

We [MER, NO, TD and Mofongoman] started with a bottle of a San Giovese Red [$29] and an Olive Bowl [$4], Fig Prosciutto Bruschetta [$4 and a bargain] and the Paté Special Plate [with a Pheasant paté] of the evening. MER and I split a Goat Cheese Salad [$7] and each had the Chicken Pesto Panini [all panini are $8 and served over a mini-pasta salad]. NO and TD each had the soup of the evening: Seafood Chowder [$4.50 a bowl] of Swordfish, Salmon, MahiMahi and Tilapia. NO had the Coppa Sopresata Panini [minus the cherry peppers, tomatoes instead please] and TD had the Chicken and Tomato Panini [and a glass of white wine $6.50].

Watch out, the servings are very good size and we did overorder. But the leftover Panini will do well as tomorrow's lunches. Kate was our server and was excellent. We didn't even feel put upon having to leave at 6:30 as the restaurant is very well booked. They were able to reserve us a table after the play if we would finish by 6:30.

The winners were EVERYTHING! No losers here.

telephone: 860-244-WINE

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