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Friday, September 30, 2005

Thai me up [again]....

Seond time around [see following for first time review], I had a much nicer time here tonight at Thai Gardens in Middletown on Main Street. More restaurants here on Main Street than you could ever eat at.

Went here with the BLDs; just the three of us. We started with a Sing Ha beer each and an order of Crab Rangoon and an order of Calamari Tempura [which contained a lot more vegetables than calamari]. Both were delicious.

I ordered Tom Yum Soup with Shrimp; very light and tasty and not too hot. I followed this with Black Olive Fried Rice [with minced pork and cashews]. JD had Pad Thai and BD had Mussaman Curry with Chicken.

Mangoes are out of season so we couldn't get my favorite: Mango with Sticky Rice.

The winners were: Crab Rangoon, the Calamari in the tempura, the sauce for the Curry and the Black Olive Fried Rice.

First Review from June, 2005

Dinner tonight with DL-A [one of the dancers at the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange Workshop at Wesleyan University where I am studying this summer] at Thai Gardens. Beautiful place, beautiful company!

Started with two bottles of wine.........don't ask! and an appetizer order of Calamari Tempura. Very light, very delicious combination of tempuraed vegetables and calamari with a sweet dipping sauce.

DL-A had the Jasmine Fried Rice Special for her entree, very hot even though ordered mild. Huge portion with lots of veggies. I had Pad Thai which was also very good but not the fried noodle version I am used to. The plate was deconstructed into its separate ingredients, very interesting.

Dessert was Mango and Sticky Rice and it was a true delight. Reminded me of Bibingka in the Philippines.

The winner was the Mango and Sticky Rice.

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