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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

thigh or leg?

Ate at Cachita's on Normandy Ave. just down from the fountain and found my Bebo's Cafe without travelling to Puerto Rico. There were 10 specials of the day but I chose #1. It was Pollo Asado con Arroz Moro y Yuca al Mojo [roasted chicken with black beans cooked into the rice and cassava in garlic]. This and a diet Coke came to $5.06!

The place was crowded with local regulars and a little intimidating at first but hunger won out. Ordered in Spanish and couldn't remember the word for thigh [muslo] so just said not the breast [pechuga, no]. What a find on my last day here in Miami Beach at the home of S&P. Actually I was supposed to go home this evening but there is a big snowstorm up in CT so changed ticket to tomorrow at 11am, arriving at 2pm.

The winner was the whole meal [especially the yuca and the crispy skin on the chicken!].

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