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Sunday, March 06, 2005

gypsy kings

Bamboleo Restaurant was where I ate with M&N after Hartford Stage's production of 'The Cook' by Eduardo Machado. Good match of play and restaurant!

They had a coupon or some such deal to get $15 off. Well it actually turned out to be a place where I would go back without any gimmicks! Restaurant is located in Glastonbury in the old Union restaurant building.

M and I had the Shortribs over mashed potatoes and what they called Chimichurri [but was really good fresh salsa] adorned with plantain chips. The meat was perfectly done and the gravy was superb. I had a glass of red wine [will go back and get the full name - excuses, excuses to return]. N had the Pork Shank over mashed potatoes and beans. We ordered a side of Collard Greens which were good and contained chopped pecans. No dessert but a decaf for me and a double espressso.

The winner: the Shortribs

Went back again the other night, March 31st with J&B and J&W. Everyone had a different entree; good crowd [they know the rules]. We started off with a sampling platter of Anticuchos: 2 kabobs each of shrimp [mango salsa], beef [chimichurri], chorizo [spicy mustard] and chicken [with a guacamole-like sauce].

On my recommendation B had the Shortribs over Mashed Potatoes and Plaintain Chip and was as pleased as I was when I had them. J had the Crackling Pork Knuckle served on Polenta. J [the vegetarian] had the Salmon which was grilled on a stick, W had the Diver Scallops special served on wild rice with black beans. I had the Duck Breast special with Sweet Potato Flan, Haricots Verts with grilled onions.

For drinks, B had a Margarita, W a Caribbean Martini, J a Southern Comfort Old Fashioned and I had the same Red Wine [still didn't get the full name so have to go back again].

Too many winners this time! And I can't pick a loser either!

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