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Saturday, December 25, 2004

hospital food

Say what you must about hospital food but it's there, hot and cheap. Had 'prime rib', wild rice with carrrots and green beans today on Christmas Day with the boys. Chocolate fudge brownie for dessert. Actually only two beef dinners, one had a sandwich [which you weigh in] with chips. Three dinners for $19 and change. Starting tomorrow I can get an employee discount card as I have been eating there all week. I've had cheese pizza, clams casino pizza, chicken florentine, grilled cheese and bacon sandwich and many many salads. The macaroni and cheese is a 'carb nightmare.' Nothing has been memorable but it is a decent place to eat, if a bit lonely at times.

Hopefully you never need this info:

And the winner is: there is no winner [except for maybe the macaroni and cheese] but no losers either; good luck!

UPDATE: I am still here at the hospital; this starts the second week. The staff here has been wonderful to me. They made sure I got my discount card.

The latest winner was the Chicken Gyro last night on a toasted pita with tomatoes, onions and a zippy tzatziki sauce. Today's chicken, cheese and bacon sandwich on a baguette roll was pretty good too. I guess it's all relative - sad and lonely as it is, if someone cares about what you eat, the food can be good and healthy.

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