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Friday, July 14, 2017

Zohara Mediterranean Kitchen

Another successful meal at Zohara with some of the same little plates and apps but added the Lamb Casserole [$19]. I actually like the Lamb Ragu Hummus better. The Feta with pickled Ramps was a new one and it was delicious. Also a special Eggplant with raisins that was super. Guess I will stick to the Salatim Beginnings for a while. Choices, choices...

June 5, 2017
Got here early at Zohara after theater matinée and the hungry hordes. Luckily got a terrific booth in the bar. Everything from that point was up, up and upper. Started with the 3/$10 selection of Carrots, Charred Broccoli and Muhammara [puréed red peppers and walnuts]. Then on to the Shug variety of the Hummus followed by the Lamb Kofta.Split a Baklava for dessert but wanted coffee not espresso/latte/cappuccino! I can't pick out my favorite as each dish was unique, tasty and gorgeously plated. Kudos to the chef and to the waitstaff that kept up with this hungry twosome. Worth every cent...will be back soon to try out more of the interesting menu.

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