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Saturday, November 25, 2017


Visited here again today with two restaurant buddies. Tried the Mofongo Bowl con Camarones [Shrimp #13.59] with Chicharon and two side orders of Maduros [3 pieces for $1]. What a delight! I am now high on garlic! The Goya Mango nectar [$1.50] helped a little.

April 27, 2017
OMG! A restaurant named for me! This just opened eatery, Mofongo, in New Britain is raring to go. From the line at today's lunch it is well onto its road to culinary fame. Had lunch there today and had to have the Mofongo Bowl  with Pernil [$7.99]. My host had the Chicken and it was just as good but who could pass up pernil! The mofongo base is perfect, the pernil was juicy and delicious and the added chicharon crumbles on top made it perfect. The added salsa helped also. So, as you can readily see, I will be back and stand in line without a single complaint. Can't wait to try the Breakfast Chorizo Hash Bowl.

Plenty of space to eat in this well lit, very clean and friendly atmosphere. My new home away from home. I do miss Bebo's in San Juan!!!

blognote: parking sucks...there are some metered spaces in front that you have to back into
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