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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Taste of Hawai'i 2016/7

Spent Christmas and New Year's Eve and Day in Hawai'i at the home of friends. They have a teahouse set up for guests so I lived the real good life for two weeks.

Five places of note and off the tourist track were:

L & L where I had my annual dose of Moko Loko. I have eaten here before and Moko Loko is savory hamburger patties over rice, topped with brown gravy and 2 fresh fried eggs

7-11 for Spam Musubi and yes the 'mo bettah' is found on the counter at your local 7-11

Viet Pho9 for New Year's Eve lunch for a typical bowl of PHO

fixings for my PHO
Tempura Ichida for a Japanese prix-fixe New Year's dinner: Yose Nabe (Chinese cabbage, shrimp, shimeji, shiitake, enoki, tofu, snapper, chicken, carrot), Donburi Trio (tuna, unagi, tempura), Zouni (mochi, chicken, rape blossoms, shimeji, green onion, fu, seaweed, carrot), Chawanmushi, Yuzu sorbet

Aiea Bowl for my lunch before getting on the plane: sesame crusted Furikake Ahi (tuna) with mac salad and white rice

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