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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

SHU Restaurant

Got back to SHU tonight and had a very nice meal in very nice company! Started with a Tsingtao beer [$4] which was a good accompaniment to a spicy meal. The appetizer of Cold Spicy Sesame Noodles [$5.99] was excellent and a good foal to the meal. There was also a plate of dumplings to add to the goodness. For the main course I chose the Crispy Chicken in Garlic Sauce ]$12.99] it was very good and most of it is here at home waiting for another day. Can't wait!

November 7, 2016
Serendipity [hate that word] but ended up here at SHU as Fire and Spice [new location] and East West Grille were both closed on Mondays. What a blessing that turned out to be. Tucked away between A Dong Market and Pho Boston is this little gem. It specializes in Authentic Chinese Szechuan Cuisine. Also has a superb Vegetable and Vegetarian menu.

tomato fried egg soup
I started with the Tomato Fried Egg Soup [$5.99] mainly because of the name. It was a super broth with sliced fresh tomatoes and a 'pancake' of fried egg on top. Super sized portion [we ordered the small] which was more than enough for two. Then I was having a noodle attack so ordered the Vegetable Lo Mein [$8.99] [my dining partner is vegetarian]. This was one of the best orders of lo mein that stands on its own merits and is not confused with the addition of lots of 'stuff'. The other entrée was Pork with Garlic Sauce [$12.99] whereas the 'pork' was a bean product and resembled noodles. The dish included wood ear mushrooms, bamboo shoots and red pepper. It had a slight zing to it and was delicious. 

vegetable lo mein

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