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Friday, July 29, 2016

Blue Lobster Seafood

Well, dinner at Blue Lobster Seafood made me blue last night! On a monthly neighbor get together we started at a restaurant not far from home but there was a 45 minute wait. Always having had a good meal at Blue Lobster, we headed there instead.

Should have listened more carefully with the convo between customers in booth behind us and the server; they got comped on part of their order. It might have been the fried oysters and might not have been but mine definitely had seen a better day!

The fried Oyster dinner [$19.99] looked delicious on arrival. Everything was hot and ready to enjoy. The fries were great and the coleslaw was the same as usual but the oysters just didn't make the grade. I left half the order uneaten [yes, me!] and when asked if I wanted to take the rest my reply was 'no, I didn't enjoy them'.

The service was fine if a bit lonely so where were the people in charge? Of course, the poor soul outside in the lobster outfit was doing their job. Try again?

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