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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Jane Restaurant

What a glorious sunny day to be in New York City. The best part being an 'tour leader' for the afternoon for a very dear friend from Hawai'i and her traveling partner. We spent the afternoon roaming around Greenwich Village to show off where I lived with my family for two semesters at NYU on leave with a fellowship from our UN work in Micronesia. Anyway, on to the great a place where we knew we would be welcome:  Jane Restaurant!

They had been touring all morning and had had a forgettable box lunch so were not up to a full early dinner. I had made reservations for 5:00 for dinner as they needed to catch up on sleep and I had to take Metro North back to Connecticut. Arriving a few minutes early, we were welcomed by Price T? [only mention on the check] who had recently been in Kauai. He immediately made sure we were well seated, served and welcomed. What a joy!

Starting with a Honeydew Margarita [$13], Masako was settling in to a great meal. Kazuko and I had several glasses of wine [not all at the same time] her Cabernet Sauvignon [$13] and my Sauvignon Blanc [$12]. Then the ordering started with Burrata [$14] smooth and creamy and garlic bread for smearing. We went on with a delicious Beet Carpaccio [$12] very artistically served, Grilled Shrimp [$14] and a large order of super light fantastic Ricotta Gnocchi [$22]. This and a basket of good bread and olive oil filled them [and me] up.

Never ones to turn down dessert we shared and an elegant Lemon Tart [$8.00] with meringue and hibiscus syrup and Churros with chocolate and espresso [$8.00]. At that point they were ready for the hotel while I was ready for a comfortable trip home [$22 Senior Off-Peak].

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