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Thursday, February 11, 2016

21 Oak

Amazing lunch today at 21 Oak in Manchester [with a Groupon!]

side salad with a great dressing

potato/eggplant Moussaka

chocolate hazelnut Cheesecake 

Started with a cup of Smoky Split Pea Soup which was plain [$4] plain delicious. Then on to a daily special of potato/eggplant Moussaka [$14] that came with a large fresh side salad with a delicious garlic based dressing. The moussaka had those crunchy bits on the bottom that reminded me of pegado [pega'o] in caribbean rice dishes [the part I always fight for]. Then a To Go order of chocolate hazelnut cheesecake [$6] that is staring at me from my kitchen counter. It won't be there for long!

blognote: They have real don't have to go through all the log-on just happens!

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