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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Algarve Bar and Grill

Was going to try out a different restaurant new to Middletown but couldn't get the website to open up their menu. Went here to Algarve instead on recommendation of Yelp. Turned out pretty good.

I had the Bifanas de Carne: traditional Portuguese ribeye sandwich [$9.95 on website menu] topped with caramelized onions on Portuguese roll with Portuguese fried potatoes. Even though the meat was more like a cube steak, it was delicious and tender. These potatoes are surely addictive; a cross between french fries and potato chips. Also added Kale Soup 'Caldo Verde': potato purée and kale garnished with choriço [ordered a cup $3.95 but got a bowl $5.95]. My bad: I should have clarified that when it was presented but asking about it at the end of the meal didn't cause a one word of explanation. It was, however, one of the better kale soups I have had.

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