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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mint Thai

Ate at Mint Thai in Wethersfield where the original Puket was located. Oh how I wish Puket had still been there! The food at Mint Thai was seriously lacking...flavor, spice, taste, etc. It was a seriously lacking meal. So glad I had a Groupon to take up some of the lack.

Started with two apps: Fried Calamari and Thai Wings [both $5.95] and both very tired and lacking. My Ginger Fish [$16.95] was Red Snapper and a whole fish but it must have been 'swimming' around the kitchen for a week or so. It was tough and flavorless while the fresh vegetables and ginger tried to help out. The other dish was Panang Curry which turned out to be the best of the night.

Sorry but will be back at the other location of Puket in Rocky Hill very soon!

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