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Friday, August 08, 2014


Another interesting meal, luncheon, at On20. It has taken me two weeks or so to write this review as I have such mixed feelings about the meal and the service.

The Parsnip Salad [$8] was wonderful and the Cold Onion Soup [$6] was even better. This soup was one of the best soups ever. The meal started, however, with an almost challenging dialog with our waiter who was, at least, very assertive. Assertive to a degree where we did not feel welcome. His idea of helping out with a choice of vodka turned into a diatribe against the choice of one of the diners. The restaurant does not stock that brand 'because he does not believe in the integrity of the product...' So be it! Let us peasants be! My glass of Albariño [$9] was fine.

Parsnip Salad
The meatballs were meatballs [$10], no better or worse than have been ordered elsewhere. The Croque Monsieur [$13] [and yes I do know that this is 'just' a ham and cheese sandwich' and thank you for informing me of this]. And yes, I have had them in Paris and elsewhere and the one offered at Millwright's in Simsbury was one of the best ever. So it was good, but not that good. The asparagus [$6] were also just grilled asparagus. The pommes frites [$5] were nothing to blog about but then I just did.

The Brownie desserts [$7] were remarkable. So it was a mixed bag. The beginning of the meal was very good as was the ending.

I find the charge for parking [$7.40] and 'validated' at table to be a bit tacky and since it is also taxed on the bill even more so.

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