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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Trinity Restaurant

Ate here again tonight during my prolonged birthday celebration. Had a very nice meal but they were working on the front of the restaurant and the noise level was a bit distracting. Everyone was so very apologetic and the food was super, so go figure...

The kitchen is sure full of flavor and they are not afraid to use it. Started with Fried Calamari appetizer and it was fine especially the marinara sauce for dipping. Another dipping marvel was the olive oil for the freshly baked hot rolls. We both ordered the Osso 'Buko" and it was delicious. The hearty portion of meat was covered with a fresh tomato gravy and the plate was served with broccoli rabe and polenta topped with goat cheese. Marvelous.


Heard that the Trinity Restaurant had renovated and the meals were special so we decided to try lunch there. This place, originally Timothy's, had been a haunt of ours early on. We have had some great meals here. But with the new look and the new menu, this is the place to go. It is a hidden Hartford gem.

I had the Lamb Sandwich as I am a sucker for lamb in any way. This was a succulent mix of spiced lamb, grilled vegetables and super cheese on a perfectly delicious toasted roll. What a bundle of joy! My host had the Tuscan Bean Soup and the Crabcake. He said the soup was very good and the crab was a humongous hunk of love sitting on a cranberry reduction.

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