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Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Corner Pug

Great lunch today on a Hartford tour [I was the tour guide] at The Corner Pug in Elmwood. One order of Fish and Chips [$9.99] and my Roasted Vegetables with Salmon [$13.99]. The roasted vegetables represented the dietetic me [honestly there is one] and our shared dessert of Chocolate Bread Pudding [$6.99] with Ice Cream represented the chocoholic me. The Groupon for $30 [paid $15] helped out also.

The vegetables were delicious and roasted to perfection and the added salmon was cooked perfectly.

The chocolate portion of the bread [chocolate bread?] was great and the regular bread was just chewy enough. Chocolate sauce and ice cream and whipped cream certainly didn’t take away from the taste.

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