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Saturday, April 06, 2013


Dinner at 5:00; actually 5:05 with only two seats left at the bar and I took one of them. That's how popular this new vegan restaurant, SIX MAIN, is. What is the draw? Is it the vegan cuisine itself or the trendiness of vegan cuisine today? Is it a happy combination of both?

My meal was a combination of both. Started out with a tray of good dark bread slices and an herbed bean spread. Very tasty and it went well with a glass of Pinot Blanc Domaine Schlumberger Alsace, France 2008 [organic] [$8]. I skipped the Mushroom Ragout soup of the evening which was garnering rave reviews on both sides of me.

Entrée was a Grilled Pineapple Pad Thai [$17] with the basic rice noodles, spring vegetables [carrot and scallion] and crispy tofu with a couple of raw cashew thrown in. This did not reach any more culinary heights that basic pad thai served in area Thai restaurants does. It needed a bit more fire/bite but was very enjoyable. That covered the vegan trend. The dessert showed how vegan cuisine can shine and be the dish you talk about forever: Pot de Crême [$9]. This was a combination of very dark chocolate, cashew cream, fig/hazelnut compote and fresh berries for tartness and color. 

Next time I will order the soup special of the day, one of the more interesting appetizers and a dessert. That will make a memorable meal. Also don't want to miss the weekly [Monday thru Wednesday] prix fixe dinner.

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