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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

looking for lobster...

This is my summer venture, my seasonal search, looking for lobster. Where is the perfect Lobster Roll? I will try my best to find it for you [and me]!


Stop #1: Lenny and Joe's at their new New Haven location at Long Wharf on April 13th. This was an underwhelming start to my lobster roll quest.

'Our famous hot buttered lobster roll' [$15.50] was just that as seen above. Aside from the lemon wedge, this is what you get for your money. It was hot and it was buttered. The roll was nicely toasted. The amount of lobster was small and a tad chewy. You could make it a platter by adding french fries or salted potatoes for $1.99. Not anywhere near the best I have had and really not  recommended at all.

Stop #2: Ate today April 16th  at  Zerio's in Cromwell in my lobster roll quest and in one word it was so very AWESOME! As I said to those within shouting distance: "It was freaking awesome!".

Now the details. Was it awesome because of the beautiful Spring day? Or was it awesome because I had just had a wonderful massage or that Zerio's is just a couple of doors down from Body Wellness? No, it was awesome because it was so delicious and fresh and tender. The roll was perfect and the extra serving of melted butter made my heart sing. It included a nice portion of tasty potato salad [and could have had my choice of several other salads]. It even had a little hand wash packet which I truly needed. And it only cost $12.95.

Stop #3 was at Blue Lobster on the Berlin Turnpike today, Saturday the 20th. This was a very good lobster roll [$12.99] and they had the honor of Connecticut Magazine's Best Lobster Roll 2011.

The lobster was fresh and tender with a coating of hot butter. The roll was toasted perfectly and the coleslaw [choice of coleslaw or potato chips] was tangy and not overly sweet. It was beaten by stop #2 because the lobster pieces were a bit small but overall it was fine!

Stop #4: Didn't go to the luncheon I had planned on but went to Spoonshoppe Brooke in Meriden instead.

This 1/4 pound hot lobster roll was filled with buttered-drenched good sized pieces of tender lobster and came in a long buttered hot dog roll. It was delicious and definitely a bargain at $10.99. Bare bones but could be dolled up by making it a platter with coleslaw [+$1] or fries [+$2].

This Deli and Farm Market will be the place to go to when the weather gets warmer.  Outdoor seating and luscious looking desserts will make for a lunch destination; then pick up something fresh for dinner.

Stop #5 was by popular demand at Ninety-Nine in Cromwell and I am glad I followed through. The lobster presentation was beautiful.

Lots of claw pieces, nicely toasted bun, loads of french fries [if a trifle salty], some good coleslaw and a little pot of drawn butter. It ranks up there but didn’t beat the best because the lobster was a tad chewy and could have been a lot hotter. For $16.95, it is a full meal, close to home and pretty darn good.

Stop #6 dawned on me the other night when I was thinking of another place to go in the area. Well Saybrook Fish House is very close and I have had many good meals there. Found out that lobster rolls were available but only in the bar. Stopping there today in the mid afternoon, I found the lobster roll to be delicious. This place does specialize in seafood and they don’t miss the mark here.

The hot buttered lobster roll [$16] is chock full of very large, fresh and tender pieces of lobster and is served on a lightly toasted hot dog roll. The plate included very good french fries, a tangy coleslaw, lemon wedges, drawn butter and three melon slices and a wedge of dill pickle. Good value for the money.

Stop #7 was at Jessica’s Garden on a rainy Saturday. I wanted to try the hot buttered lobster roll [$12.95] here as so many local people raved about them.

It had its good points and not so good. For the good, it was fresh with lots of large pieces, tasty and a choice of chips or cucumber slices for the ‘diet’ crowd. For the not so good, it was small, not buttery enough and had two pieces of cartilage to mess up the package deal. Ate in the rain under a tent but don’t think that influenced my rating any.

Stop #8 was at Max's Oyster Bar in West Hartford Center today. A nice lobster roll in such a civilized atmosphere.

Started with crackers and a roll with real butter. Then a demi-pitcher of iced tea followed by two Oy-Komo Gway oysters $2.50 each] perfectly presented over ice with two dipping sauces. The lobster roll [$18.95] was chock full of large but slightly chewy lobster on a perfectly toasted roll. The plate was finished with a good coleslaw and frites. Service was impeccable.


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