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Friday, April 19, 2013

Lan Chi's Vietnamese Restaurant

Just read this great blog about dessert here at Lan Chi's...will have to try it out.

Lunch today at Lan Chi's in Middletown. What a charming place; from the decor to the service to the food, this is the place to go!

A complimentary bowl of Crab Egg Drop Soup was offered and enjoyed with a cup of Jasmine Tea [$2]. Then I started with an order of fresh Vegetarian Spring Rolls [$6] for a plate of three and the best yin/yang dish of dipping sauce. There was also an order Pork Egg Rolls [$5] for a plate of four. We split these and mine won over the table.

Having peeked at the excellent website menu beforehand I knew I wanted the Salmon and it was the right decision. Grilled lemon grass Salmon with Green Mango Salad [$21] was a wonderful plate of adventure. From the perfectly grilled salmon to the mango salad, cabbage slaw, greens, dressing and inventive square of white rice it was a delightful lunch.

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