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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Central European Trip Highlights...

Currywurst in Berlin

Vietnamese Rice Pancake in Berlin

Breakfast Bread Buffet in Hotel

Café Latte at a Sidewalk Café

Fresh Tomato Soup

More new favorite street food!

Sidewalk Café

Döner Kebab

Paczki in Warsaw

Veal Paprish in Budapest

Apple Strudel

Fried Chicken at Farmhouse Dinner

Vegetables at the Farmhouse

Dessert Crêpes at the Farmhouse

Vietnamese Food in Warsaw Market

Pastry Display in Krakow

Fruit Strudel

Coffee on the go in Poland

You know what this is all about!

Pretzels on the street in Krakow

Zurek [sour rye soup] in Warsaw

Zurek in Krakow

Crispy Fried Ewe's Cheese with Cranberries

Zapiekanka [street food] in Krakow

Lebanese food in Prague

Lebanese Fatti [lamb dish]

Sausage Platter

Trdelnik [chimney cake] in Prague Market Square

Lamb Kebab

Lasagna at Sychrov Castle outside of Prague

another hearty meal...

Pork Cutlet in Budapest

Cherry Brownie and Café Latte in Budapest

Stuffed Eggplant, Red Cabbage, Chili Beans and an Energy Drink
in the Grand Market in Budapest

Airport food at JFK

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