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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

ABC Trattoria

Guess it's been a long time since I have been back here. Dropped in after working on some display work for a talk I will be giving. Had planned to treat the person who helped out so much but we ended up splitting the bill. Had a very nice dinner of Grilled Salmon served on a bed of wilted spinach over a bed of mushroom risotto. The piece of salmon was perfectly cooked and so large it became part of the next day's supper. Had a nice glass of Chardonnay and we split a Tiramisu. Good conversation and good food.

August 5, 2012

Had a very nice but unexpected early dinner tonight at ABC Trattoria just down the road. Had heard there was a new chef. The place has surely changed for the better.
Grilled White Fish
Started the meal with good bread and garlic knots and a side of marinara sauce. Both entrées came  with a house salad. The two entrées were both delicious and filling. The first was the Perfect Chicken covered with prosciutto and cheese. This was served with ziti. My Grilled White Fish [$13.99] was spiced very nicely and had capers, artichoke hearts, broccoli and sundried tomatoes. I substituted grilled vegetable for pasta. The dish was superb.

bloginfo: phone ahead for takeout 860.635.4388
blognote: ordered a White Pizza with spinach and fresh garlic the other night. Should have ordered the thin crust.

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t said...

I live in Middletown and enjoy your blog.

A new place you should try is Cafe 56 on Court Street in MIddletown; the food is superb!