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Friday, April 06, 2012

Furia Porteña Restaurant

Visited Furia Porteña restaurant on my Good Friday ceviche search. Found the restaurant which was new to me but it looked so familiar [what was here before?]. Found the ceviche but the restaurant was empty. This is always a turnoff for me but maybe it was the day or time of day.

Started with the amuse bouche of roasted corn and ubiquitous green spicy sauce. Never have figured out how to eat this gracefully. Ordered the mixed seafood ceviche [$13.50] and a side order of fried yucca [$3.95]. All quite expensive for lunch but everything was fresh and delicious. The yucca was fried just perfectly and the ceviche had three large shrimp along with a goodly amount of seafood. Garnished with corn, yucca and sweet potato, it left a lot to bring home.

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