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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Food in Myanmar

Fried Rice at a downtown café
Cappuccino @Skyline Bistro Lounge

Pork in Black Pepper Sauce from Leon's

Fried Noodles

Burmese Breakfast #1

Katsu Donburi

Lunch at Skyline Bistro

Golden Guest Inn Breakfast

Duck Soup

Fried Tofu and Chicken Livers

Chinese New Year's Dinner
@Golden Guest Inn with family

Deep Fried Fish

Burmese Breakfast #2

Lunch @Seminary Guest House

Malayan Fried Noodles
from Leon's takeout
Burmese food turned out to be a great mixture of all the best Asian cuisines. The only 'real' Burmese food that I ate was the Pork in Black Pepper Sauce [also had the chicken version] with lots of cracked peppercorns. Also tried two different Burmese breakfasts: one with flat noodles and the other with rice noodles. Liked them both. Here are some pictures of some of the meals I enjoyed:

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