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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

La Casita del Sabor

Lunch today at La Casita del Sabor on Park Street just at the corner of Bartholomew Avenue. Always thought it was just a food truck but it is a small restaurant.

I had the famous Pupusa [$4 for plain, $8 for chicken or fish] and a Baleada [$4]. These were supposed to be appetizers but the servings were huge. The pupusa is a Salvadoran stuffed flatbread with cheese and lorco, a tropical vine flower filling. It came with a cabbage slaw and pink sauce for more flavor. The baleada is a Honduran bean and cheese tortilla. Both are quite filling! Since I was getting only appetizers, I ordered the small portion of the Chicken Soup [$5]. This had a chicken thigh and corn, yucca, carrots and cilantro. It was smooth and very well put together.

bloginfo: see ChowHound review.
blognote: You can really use your Spanish in this tiny spot of culinary heaven.

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