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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Lunch today at Barça under new management [please fix your website] with a Groupon [$30 for $15]. Ended up costing $1.04 plus tip. 

Started with an order to Empanadilla de pollo [$5 for two] which came with a good dipping sauce. Bread with oil and balsamic vinegar to the table also. One luncheon entrée of Calamari and Camaron [$9] with onions and peppers. Heavy on the seafood, light on the veggies so lots to eat. The shrimp were quite good. This came with a salad so the Caesar salad was the choice.

Had the Caldo Verde while my partner had her salad. The soup [$4] was sweetly seasoned with a good smoky base. My order of Bacalho Salteado [$9] was very filling. The eggs were perfectly scrambled and the codfish was sweet. Salad on plate was okay but needed to fixing up to stand up to the main dish. Took the rest home for breakfast tomorrow.

bloginfo: websites is messed up
blognote: only ones there for lunch, good service

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