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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pond House Grille

Where am I? Tango? Pond House Grille? Tango Creative Eatery? The Groupon says Tango so it better be where we are eating! Anyway they are accepting the Groupon so eat on.

Ate here in its two other lives: Bamboleo and Glas. Room is a bit more casual now with these minuscule tables which might be okay for wine and cheese but the plates are the size of home base and it's a bit crowded. Oops! The bread and butter plate just hit the floor and the ladies next to us were ready to dive under the table; OPHG [no it's not Occupy Pond House Grille!]. So let's enjoy my birthday and yes I am still taking invites for last September's celebration.

Marilyn [via Andy] watched over our meals!

Started with Cornbread and Honey Butter. I had the Cabernet Braised Lamb Shank which came with my favorite roasted caramelized root vegetables and then three giant fried onion rings [$24.12]. All very good but the chef must be on a salt-free diet and I am not so had to have a server search for the salt shaker. This and a glass of Shiraz [$7] made for a good meal. The lamb was very tender and a large portion. Lots of veggies, roasted but still a little crisp and the onion rings were just good onion rings. The other entrée was the Crab Cake over Indian rice and a side salad. Rice had a nice curry taste.

bloginfo: Used a Groupon and the fine print said no daily specials so we didn't get to know what they were having tonight.
blognote: Good service, attentive to the need for lots of water.

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