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Friday, May 27, 2011

No Name Tortilla Grill [CT]

Used a Groupon Coupon to eat tonight at the No Name Tortilla Grill in Berlin. The place was deserted when we arrived and then really filled up. Many people were getting take-out. You line up and order and then pay at the end. 

Shrimp/Corn Chowder
We both had Burritos: his was Southwestern Grilled Chicken [$6.89] and mine Western Marinated Steak [$7.69]. The person behind the counter then added the trimmings. We both had rice, black beans, grilled onions and peppers. I had lettuce and he had tomatoes. It was very difficult to see what was being offered. The server actually counted out each item except for the black beans. There were three strips of onion and four of peppers. These were not stuffed burritos and they were not even very warm. Served in a plastic take-out box with a handful of tortilla chips.

There were Soups of the day [$1.49 a cup with entrée]: Chicken Tortilla and Shrimp/Corn Chowder. My chowder was excellent. It made up for the rest of the meal. The Salsa Bar had five different salsas; four red which all tasted the same and one green.

bloginfo: They have a beer/wine license.
blognote: Servers need to be more hospitable.

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