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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fat and Happy [CT] update...

Good write up in the Hartford Courant today. Read it and then go there!

June 12, 2011
Finally got to Fat and Happy as a dinner destination!

Had two starters for the three of us: Guacamole with Salsa and chips [$9] which was fresh and creamy, great Pico de Gallo and super chips. Big Portion! Next was the Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls [$8] a nice concept but a little lacking as the wrappers sat a bit too long.

The three main dishes were all excellent: Pan Roasted Chicken [$15] with fried potatoes and broccoli; Creole Shrimp and Grits[$18] with four large shrimp over creamy corn grits and a sassy tomato sauce; my Guinness Braised Short Ribs [$20] came with horseradish whipped potato and garlicky [yes!] spinach. The boneless meat was super tender and tasty. This was relished along with a glass of Patch Block Pinot Noir [$6.50]. We all skipped dessert.

blognote: To the staff - bus, bus, bus the tables! Please don't try to serve the entrées onto a table loaded with dirty appetizer dishes. Otherwise the service from Nick was good.

April 22, 2011

Can't stay away from the Apps menu! Split [three ways] an order of Fat and Happy Thai Chili Wings [$8].

Then an order for me of Lager-Steamed Clams: Little Neck clams simply steamed with red pepper flakes, garlic, fresh parsley, lager and just a touch of butter. Served with grilled bread [$12]. These were fresh and briny in a simple broth that paired well with the grilled bread and let itself be spooned up and up. For one guest a rather large bowl  of Buffalo Chili [$8] and a Caesar Salad was the lunch of the day for one. The other hungry one had the Burger [pink or no pink? pink!] with Bison Chili, Pepper Jack Cheese and Sautéed Onions [$11.50 total with add-ons]. A great meal again with good service.

blognote: I promise to try an entrée next time, honest. [But the Tuna Tacos sound great!].

April 13, 2011

Fat and Happy Bar and Restaurant ended up as my lunch destination today. Both items I ordered were very good but not a good combination [my bad!].

The soup of the day was Lentil [$5] which was a tasty mixture of lentils, minced veggies, sausage and escarole; quite successful.

From the apps menu I had the Prosciutto-wrapped Shrimp [$14]. This dish was served as four grilled prosciutto-wrapped jumbo shrimp on a bed of micro greens splashed with a citrus vinaigrette. This is a very assertive dish with the chargrilling of the wrapping adding a bit of salty tang. If ordering this as an entrée again, I would pair it with a salad.

bloginfo: Located in the site of the closed 99 Restaurant and definitely an improvement.
blognote: Waitstaff all uniformed in black. This adds a classiness as does Madeleine Peyroux singing in the background.


Amiable Amiable said...

A restaurant named after moi!

Anonymous said...

Terrible, over priced and loaded in oil.

ThomasEU aka mofongoman... said...

It would be helpful if Anonymous let us know what was terrible, over priced and loaded in oil. Was it one item, the whole meal, several things ordered...and did you tell the Chef? What was the kitchen's reply? Things in a restaurant will only improve with customers' input.

Anonymous said...

Chilli tasted bla (bought frozen is my guess)...soggy fries (when was the oil changed)....buffalo chicken was mostly bread...scallops wrapped in bacon were under cooked..cappuccino machine broken....bartender service a bit slow...we stopped there and still had $100...over not fresh as claimed...avoid this place