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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Udupi Bhavan [CT]

Studied the menu before I left today for lunch at Udupi Bhavan on Saybrook Road in Middletown. But when I got there they were having a Lunch Buffet for $9.99. This way I got to try everything and it was so good. First I had to wait for a table because the place was packed. There were very few non-Indians to be seen. Good sign!

The New York Times had done a review [see it here] a month or two ago raving about the Dosa there. So I was ready to get one. The buffet included one dosa, this time a Masala Dosa. It was similar to a rice crepe and was filled with potato curry. The restaurant is entirely vegetarian. 

A buffet was set up at the front of the restaurant and contained so many treasures: four different rices, three different breads, several stews, sauces and condiments and a delicious pumpkin dessert. I want back three times to the buffet as did many others. What a pleasure to indulge in such a great ethnic display of delicious food.

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