an egg is an egg...meditating at the Museo Miró in Barcelona

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mondo [CT]

My last encounter with a gourmet egg was in Paris [11/20/09] at Jacques Cagna's La Rotísserie d'en Face. Had another encounter today at Mondo which does not have the panache of the Left Bank but is on Middletown's 'romantic' Main Street. It is new; bright, shiny and techno.

This time it was the Oozy Egg Pizza which was delightful: Fresh Mozzarella, Romano, Prosciutto di Parma, Egg & Truffle Oil. The artisan pizzas come only in one size: small. The small will definitely feed two so the rest is home waiting to be served for lunch tomorrow with a small salad. Delicious.

bloginfo: website click here! Passed up the lunch specials, give them a look
blognote: free parking in the rear, enter across from the Y at Union Street

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