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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Marlborough Tavern [CT]

Celebrated a Birthday Brunch with four of us. Had to choose between brunch, lunch and dinner entrées. Three ordered brunch items and one from lunch menu [counting carbs].

The three brunch items came with an Apple Turnover that needed to be a bit warmer but it was sweet and got everyone into a very good mood.

I had the Sloppy Huevos [$10.99] which even though were two poached eggs didn't turn out too sloppy. The eggs were served over a bowl of spicy chili [sin carne] cheddar and onions [hold the sour cream]. The dish was spicy enough but lacked any panache. The Seafood Pot Pie [$16.99 Scallops, shrimp & scrod in a lobster sauce w/ puff pastry crust] was enjoyed and looked good especially the pink sauce. It had a decent amount of seafood but didn't need the potatoes. And there were fried potatoes served on the side. The Eggs Benedict turned out to be eggs benedict [$12.99 doh] and the crock French Onion Soup [$4.99] had so many onions you couldn't detect any broth. The Cajun Chicken [$8.99] sandwich with cheddar and roasted peppers got a good rating.

blognote: This is the second time we have had the same waitress and she is too much of a 'chatty Kathy' for our liking!

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