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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Corner Pug [CT] update...

Ended up here The Corner Pug after Theater Works' dramatic presentation of 'A Steady Rain' and needed some downtime. There were five of us and we started out at India Oven on Park Road but it wasn't open until five. AND we were hungry.

One Cobb Salad [$9.99], a BBQ and Port Wine Cheddar Bacon Burger [$10.59], French Dip [$8.99], special of mini Sliders and my Fish and Chips [$12.99] with a Smithwick Beer. This is the traditional beer battered cod with Pug [lattice] fries and a great tartar sauce. It was divine!

blognote: Our lovely server even gave us separate checks.

December 17, 2011
Met an old friend today [that's not him in the top picture] for lunch at The Corner Pug in West Hartford. Since it was MLK Day, everyone in the vicinity decided to go out to lunch. The parking lot was a disaster what with the crowd and the leftover snow. I found a place and then found another place more suitable to not being ticketed.

Had the Plowman's Lunch [$9.99] A Crock of Soup, a Pug Salad, a Wedge of Cheddar Cheese served with Hand Sliced Multi-Grain Bread. The soup was French Onion and very good, the salad was chopped with a house made vinaigrette and the two wedges of cheddar of cheese were good but small as were the two slices of dark bread.

Friend had the Mac's Big Burger [$7.99] Seasoned Char Broiled 1/2 Lb. Sirloin Burger Served on a Kaiser Roll [he had his bunless] with Lettuce, Tomato and Mushrooms. Came as the Zen Burger [vegetarian] but was quickly replaced by beef. Looked good and the waffle fries looked excellent but I didn't even swipe one.

blognote: might go back and order something more substantial when I am not on my 'diet'.

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