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Monday, November 29, 2010

Bem Brasil [CT]

Bem Vindo = Welcome and I did feel welcome as I walked into this little Brazilian restaurant on South Whitney Street near the corner of Park.

A small buffet is at the far side and food is weighed at the counter on the left. There are dishes [large] and two types of to-go containers for your luncheon/dinner of choice [$4.99 a pound].

My lunch of pork, chicken, beef, cold vegetable salad, manioc vegetable salad, rice and beans came to $5.89. The Guaraná [my favorite Brazilian soda] was $2 for the can. The place is nice and clean and the people were very friendly. The young woman at the counter spoke both Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.

bloginfo: The don't have a churrascuria where the meat is cut with varying rates for food/meat/etc. This is a much more simple buffet than the other place of Park Street.
blognote: Just as I was finishing, they brought out a selection of Chicken Stroganoff, my favorite. Oh well, next time!

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