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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baci Grill [CT]

It's Lobster Mania at Baci Grill in Cromwell and the menu is online here.

Four of us ate here this afternoon after the Concora Concert in Berlin; two singers and two listeners. We ate in the bar.

We started with a pitcher of white Sangría [$17] which was good and refreshing but nothing lives up to the cava sangría in Barcelona [I had to get that in here, didn't I?]. Then there were 2 orders of Lobster Salad [$14] and two of the Lobster Po'boy [$16]. The lobster salads were traditional in make up with the addition of avocado and plantain chips. The po'boys were a stack of fried lobster meat on a chopped salad on a whole toasted pita on a bed of sweet potato fries. Oh yeah! The dressing on both had a real kick to it; maybe a bit much for some.

bloginfo: Scott W. is a great waiter. Took really good care of us.
blognote: I have always had good luck here at Baci's and it's so close to home.

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