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Saturday, June 26, 2010

j. gilbert's [CT]

My favorite place for celebrations! There is something on the menu for everyone. Tonight was a birthday and a 'going into the army' celebration.

All four of us had the Shrimp Cocktail [$13.95 each] for the best ever appetizer. We ordered it the 'original' seasoned way.

I had the Pearly White Wine Flight [$13.00] with a 2 oz. serving of Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Excellent selections and they started out good and ended beautifully [didn't think I would enjoy the Chardonnay as much as I did].

I had the Durango Shrimp Appetizer [$9.50] for my entrée which was a tad spicy as well as a Caesar Salad [$5.95] and I have had better Caesar salads.

The entrées for the others were: Pan Roasted Chicken [$18.75] which was the old menu item of Chicken Marsala. Added to this was a side of Lobster Mac and Cheese [$4.50]. A 10 oz Top Sirloin [$22.50] which looked great and a Combo of Petite Filet and Salmon [$26.95] which looked small but was very rich.

One order of Almond Cannoli [$7] and my DeCaf Cappuccino [$3.95] ended the very satisfying meal.

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