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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Angry Olive [CT]

Dropped in here unexpectedly tonight with two guests. Was going to come to lunch on Saturday but got to taste the dinner menu. I had already eaten lunch today but thought I could just have something light...

So this is what we ate at the The Angry Olive!

Good bread on the table with a delicious olive oil, tapenade and caper dip. Excellent.
[Naked] Bruschetta [$5] was delicious but it was basically fantastic toast without any veggies.
A glass of Lagaria Pinot Grigio [$6]

My Asparagus Salad [$8] which is the Friulli Salad on the lunch menu plus asparagus. It has grapes, gorgonzola and walnuts and is lightly dressed.
My Bolognese Gratinado [$9] an app that I could live on forever. It's a square ramekin full of super Bolognese sauce with a crust of Cheese and piles of addictive Eggplant Chips. It all came home!
Vitello Nicoise [$26] a plate of Veal paillard and a pretty trendy 'Lasagna' and very good.
Salmon [$21] with Fiddleheads, Bulghur and an overwhelming amount of Foam [couldn't parse the flavor].
A side of mashed potato [$5]. The salmon was medium well [too done for me] but exactly as ordered.

Skipped dessert as we didn't see anything unusual we had to try.

bloginfo: The Angry Olive is in the old Bickford's on the Silas Deane Highway.
blognote. The restaurant is VERY noisy. There was a party in the bar [lounge?]. A place for fantastic food but not a romantic tryst.

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