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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Barcelona Wine Bar

Okay, so we go here alot! But it's worth it! Especially if your host[ess] has a gift card! And you're celebrating your birthday [again and again and again?]!

Anyway, we had a terrific meal. Same good service, atmosphere, vibe and FOOD!

Decided on tapas: Goat Cheese with Mushrooms [$8.50], Pork Tenderloin with bacon on puréed squash [$9], Hanger Steak with Chimichurri [$9], Chorizo with sweet/sour Figs [$8.50]. This and two glasses of Melipal Malbec [$11 each]. Also 2 coffees [$2.75 per] and split a White Chocolate Cheesecake [$7].

In order of fantasticalability, the Hanger Steak rated #1 with the Goat Cheese and the Figs at #2.
Everything else was very good, especially the bread.

bloginfo: check website here for all locations; we were at West Hartford
blognote: we both got a 'wooden nickel' for a free glass of wine next time; good play, we'll be back

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