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Monday, November 23, 2009

Air France

Here's a shoutout to Air France. What a great meal! This was CDG/JFK and certainly out 'gourmanded' the meal on Delta ATL/CDG.

This is a picture of the menu, yes, the MENU. The service was great, the food was remarkably good for an airline and the flight was wonderful. I will fly Air France as much as possible in the future.
We started with Champagne [Chanoine Brut Grande Réserve] and a Surimi, carrot and zucchini salad accompanied by ratatouile bread.
Main course selections were my Chicken with coconut spice sauce, basmati rice and fried onions or Four cheese tortellini pasta with Neapolitan sauce and Italian cheese.
Then Camembert with a fresh baguette with a choice of white wine, I skipped the Chardonnay and had the Côtes du Luberon La Vielle Femme 2008 Perrin et Fils.
A Smoothie and/or a Lemon tart for dessert. Then coffee, what a trip!

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