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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hartford Stage Fund Raiser @Walter Wick Studio

Went to a faaaaaabulous fund raiser tonight. This was for the Education Section of Hartford Stage. I never knew they did so much. Saw some break-dancing Shakespeare the other year but they are seriously into helping students get involved. The site for the festivities was the Walter Wick studio on John Street.
You probably recognize the artwork which is so detailed. He has many books out there; great for the holidays.

Tallulah's did the catering and the food was great especially the shrimp. There was a wine tasting by South Side Wine & Spirit Shoppe. I tried the three whites and even bought three bottles of a sparkling Moscato [full name to be entered here when I pick them up].

bloginfo: website for Tallulah's and website for South Side and website for Walter Wick.
blognote: Why, when the nametag says Thomas, do people call me Tom?

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